Friday, August 29, 2008

How To Podcast

I have typed up instructions for myself (and anyone else to use) to follow as I podcast. Note the disclaimer, I am new to this, but for those of you that are new as well, every bit of help..... well, helps!

It is a PDF hosted on

Click here for Podcast Instructions PDF

Good Luck, feedback is always appreciated.

testing my intro music

I am adding intro music to my kids' podcasts.

listen to this

A Format Change?

I have looked at a number of edu blogs and I decided to change my format. Originally, I planned to use it as a resource for teachers so we could network on how to blog and podcast, sharing ideas and knowledge. After seeing so many blogs, and really liking some, especially , I have decided to convert "My blog" into "Our Blog" and make it more student centred. I will include their posts and podcasts. It will display what we are doing in the class and around the school.

Four more days and the students return from summer vacation. Yipee!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Media Classroom

I thought this clip was interesting. Although he talks about college students, the ideas are transferable to primary students. (Or are they?)

I will embed the video later, but for now, here is the link:

take a look.